General Meeting on 23 September 2020

This will be the first FHNA community meeting conducted entirely online via a live video stream.

Time and Venue

The meeting will start at 7pm and run for approximately 60 minutes, till around 8pm. The material will be live streamed using Facebook but a Facebook account is NOT required to watch the event. The audience can submit questions for the presenters by email ( or by submitting comments on the live stream in Facebook. Questions will be transmitted by moderators to the presenters so there will be a delay between submitting a question and getting a response.

Options for watching the live stream will appear on this page when the meeting is about to start.

Meeting agenda

  • Fire Chief Joe Sanford’s presentation on Kirkland’s ballot measure to fund Fire and Emergency Medical Services.
  • Neighborhood Safety Program (NSP) – an overview of the City’s program for funding neighborhood street and sidewalk improvements to enhance safety.
  • Note: The previously advertised topic of bylaw changes has been replaced with the NSP overview.