Green Loop celebration (date/time to be decided)

King County has just signed an agreement with Jim Kosalos and Dev Zeitlin to acquire two undeveloped lots located between Big Finn Hill Park and the wooded Winski parcel that the City of Kirkland purchased earlier in the year. Together, these three purchases of woodlands, wetlands and a section of Denny Creek add up to more than 7 acres of new protected green space.

Map showing relationship of the parcels to the existing park land

Come celebrate this park expansion with FHNA, King County Executive Dow Constantine, King County Council member Rod Dembowski and officials from the City of Kirkland! Representatives from the Environmental Education and Research Center in Saint Edward State Park will attend to talk about the significance of protecting green corridors in urban environments.

The celebration will take place outside, on the properties to be acquired, at a still-to-be-determined date and time. Access is through a trail from the park (see map below) and people driving to the event can use the regular parking space in Big Finn Hill Park off Juanita Drive.

Trail from Big Fill Hill Park to the Kosalos/Zeitlin and Winski parcels.