Planting work party and celebration of Denny Creek restoration

On Saturday 7 December 2019 there will be a joint event in Big Finn Hill Park, combining a planting work party and a celebration of the restoration of Denny Creek.

The volunteer planting event will take place from 9am till 1pm and is the last stage of a project that removed a culvert that Denny Creek used to run through. The culvert was impeding stream flow and impacted stream health, as well as flooding trails. With the help of King County Council Chair Rod Dembowski, FHNA obtained a water quality grant that was used to daylight the creek and build two bridges for pedestrian and cyclist use. The planting will restore vegetation where the construction disturbed the ground and will narrow the trail that was widened to provide access.

This project is funded in part by the King County Wastewater Treatment Division.

This will be a big job: We have received 10 cubic yards of wood chips and 200 live stakes and an additional 385 plants are waiting in a King County green house!

The planting event is organized by King County Parks and they provided this information sheet. We hope that 35 or more volunteers will attend.

The celebration will start at 10am and is the official opening of the new bridges located where the culvert ran. Some of our local politicians will attend the celebration of this work, including councilor Dembowski.    We would be delighted if you could join us for a quick gathering to acknowledge the work of many to bring this to completion. 

Would you like to help?

The event is open to the general public. If you would like to join the work party please be there at 9am for orientation, otherwise you are welcome to turn up at any time. There will be some setup work the day before the event (i.e. on Friday Dec 6) at 10am and help with that would be appreciated. Questions? E-mail us at