Planting work party on 2 November 2019 in Juanita Woodlands Park

On Saturday, November 2nd, from 9am till 12noon there was a work party in Juanita Woodlands Park organized by King County Parks.

Location: At the edge of the park, across the street from 11803 76th Ave NE.

Work: Following previous work done at the site to remove invasive weeds and prepare the soil, the objective of the work for the day was to plant trees and shrubs.

King County staff Sean Walters and Kirstin N.N. led the event, which was attended by around 16 volunteers from the Emerald Parents Association and 4 from the Finn Hill neighborhood. The FHNA would like to thank everyone who came, and in particular express our gratitude to the Emerald Parents Association for coming back each year to work on the park.

For detailed event information from King County Parks click here.