Safer Routes to School

Would you like to see sidewalks and crosswalks improved so that your kids can walk to school more safely? The City has identified a long list of potential projects and wants your input on which should be prioritized.

To provide some background, Kirkland’s Public Works staff is hosting a series of online neighborhood meetings to review the projects in each neighborhood. The Finn Hill videoconference is now scheduled for Wednesday, June 24 at 7pm. (A City schedule sent out last week listed the Finn Hill meeting for this Wednesday but we’ve arranged for a later date to give you more advance notice.) 

You can learn more about the Finn Hill projects by reviewing the City’s Safer Routes to School webpage. There is a PDF document link on that page with Zoom meeting details. Check out the map that shows where sidewalks and crosswalk improvements are being considered.

You can vote for your top 3 Finn Hill projects online between June 1 and June 30. You can vote by clicking on the projects map (see link above), but we suggest you wait until the zoom meeting on June 27 to finalize your selection of the best candidates.

Questions about Safer Routes to School? Email Kari Page, the City’s Senior Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator.

Note: The Safer Routes to School projects being considered right now are focused on walk routes. Improvements for bike routes will be addressed separately, later this summer. Also, FHNA is interested in gathering residents’ views about mobility, traffic and transit on Finn Hill generally. Stay tuned – more to come on that!